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Sustainability: we’ve got it in the bag

[fa icon="calendar"] 17/10/2018 12:06:36 PM / by ICG


Tote Billboard bag[1]

Here at ICG, we‘re always looking for new ways to do our bit for sustainable processes.


The way we work matters to us, and we’re always trying to minimise our environmental impact. It’s an ongoing challenge, finding new ways to cut waste and come up with sustainable solutions. But it’s one we enjoy – and one more and more clients are interested in.


So we’re proud to unveil our latest initiative (and perhaps the latest style trend): billboard bags!


A small percentage of all billboard skins printed end up being unusable due to printing errors. While we work hard to keep the numbers as low as we can, perfection isn’t a possibility. Minds are changed, technological errors occur, colours aren’t quite right. The proverbial happens.


But instead of adding to landfill, we’ve realised these imperfect billboard skins make fantastic, durable bags for conferences, promotions and gifts.


We developed our first set of bags for a client, who was renewing a sponsorship deal for one of our publications, and keen to introduce sustainability into their business. Extremely cost-effective and a neat talking point, the bags were well received – so we’ve continued to offer them and think about ways we can take this idea further. We’ve already produced messenger bags and tote bags, with plans for beanbags, backpacks, sports bags and temporary shelters already in the mix.


We can also recycle used billboard skins. This comes with some challenges, as they need to be cleaned up first, but it offers brands the possibility of printed bags featuring their specific product or service – a powerful promotional tool. There may even be some star power in handing out pieces of a particularly well-known signage spot or campaign.


With single-use supermarket bags becoming a thing of the past, durable tote bags are more and more useful and appreciated. We’re also looking for ways to use recycled material for the bag straps – second-hand seatbelts seem to be a good solution.


So whether you’re interested in sustainability, like the look of our billboard bags, or simply want to save some money on conference totes, we’d love to show you some skin.


Talk to us today.


Written by ICG

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