Wendy’s Fresh Beats

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

The Challenge: We needed to welcome back Wendy’s famous Big Kahuna burger! Featuring juicy pineapple for a Hawaiian twist, it’s undeniably delicious – but how best to stand out in the over-saturated burger market?

The Idea: With a little bit of genius from the &some team, and a genius little device called the MaKey MaKey, a rather unique campaign was born. ‘Fresh Beats’, fronted by ever-popular Kiwi icon King Kapisi, featured tunes played using burger ingredients – buns, fries, meat patties and more.

The MaKey MaKey can be hooked up to almost any object and used to create sounds, so the team encouraged King Kapisi, the Vodafone Warriors and a number of Wendy’s fans to unleash their musical genius inside the Te Atatu restaurant. From the raw footage, web videos and an online interactive feature were formed.

Punters were given the opportunity to create a “fresh beat” from the sounds created via a microsite, which they could then submit to win a range of prizes including MaKey MaKeys and Hawaiian shirts signed by the Vodafone Warriors.

Sound good? We thought so!

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