Green Acres TVC

Watch one man amaze his other half by doing absolutely nothing.

Green Acres has spent years building up their brand, recruiting new franchisees and future-proofing their business. Now they need to start showing Kiwis everywhere what they’re all about.

It was time for a big, brilliant brand campaign – so The Collective put its considerable creative brainpower to work.

The aim was to really show what Green Acres offers Kiwis – not just cleaning services, but quality time! To demonstrate, the team recruited Kiwi bloke Jake and his lovely family.

After sending Jake’s wife Megan to work, the Collective and OnDigital crew got Green Acres to secretly clean the family home from top to bottom until it sparkled. A total makeover from kiddy chaos to pretty-much-perfect – plus every minute was captured on camera.

It’s well worth checking out – have a watch and see the magic moment Megan walked in the door and saw what Jake and the team had done!

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