Do Good Dating

ICG ladies make dating a breeze without the sleaze

The Challenge: Surely there must be a better way for singles to meet than the heartless hook-up hothouse that is Tinder? Two talented ICG staff thought so, and they’re ready to take the dating world by storm!

The Idea: Introducing Do Good Dating – the ‘anti-Tinder’! Instead of a simple hot-or-not swipe system, users of the site fill out a questionnaire, take part in a round of speed-dating, then spend some time doing meaningful volunteer work with the people they click with. What could be better for singles in search of something real?

Do Good Dating is the brainchild of Alice Harbourne, Fiona Kerr and their co-conspirator Dan Drupsteen, and it’s taking off in a big way with over 100 applications received already. Congratulations on a fantastic idea and execution, and singles – make sure you take a look!


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